Building the Confidence of Young Girls through Music

Growing up as an African girl in the South, I struggled with a lack of confidence. Learning piano taught me to value my gifts and openly share them. Because piano helped me, I want to equip young girls with self-worth through piano. Music offers the most holistic approach to teach creativity and the critical skills necessary to developing confident young girls. With my method of encouragement and discipline, students transform into strong decision-makers and leaders.

My elementary student Karis underwent such a transformation. When I met Karis, she possessed such genius and passion for music; however, she was not accessing her full potential. I encouraged Karis to learn more challenging music and to develop a strong foundation in music theory, rhythmic and melodic dictation. Over the next year, she became consistent in her practice, memorized new pieces, and performed three outstanding recitals. I taught Karis to play by ear using the song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. Working on ear training taught Karis to trust herself, take calculated risks, and use her intelligence to decipher patterns. The skills she learned in piano translated to other parts of her life. With Karis’s new confidence, she earned a spot in an engineering camp and got accepted into a premier performing arts middle school. I worked with Karis to actively engage her natural abilities and build her own confidence. I want to continue encouraging young girls to fully express themselves and their power through music.


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