• 7-30 years of age as of the 1st of the month of the next national pageant - July 1, 2022.

  • Unmarried (may be divorced or have annulled a previous marriage but not separated).

  • Never given birth to a child (applies to all age divisions except Junior Miss and Miss).

  • Female

  • Must not have previously held the state or national title for MAM in the eligible age division.

  • Current residency, employment or student status in the state of the state competition.

  • ​Has never posed nude in print or other media.

  • To maintain fairness, impartiality and integrity, an entrant cannot compete in a specific state pageant if they are an immediate family member of THAT state director or member of THAT state pageant’s staff.*


*For purposes of this rule, “immediate family member” shall be defined as inclusive of the following relations to the state director or state pageant staff member: Domestic Partner, Cohabitant, Child, Stepchild, Grandchild, Daughter-in-law, Sister, Half-sister, Step-sibling, Sister-in-law, Aunt, Niece or First cousin (that is, a child of an aunt or uncle).