Evening Gown

(20% Nationals, 25% State)

Contestants will model a floor length evening gown


          Evaluation Criteria: Confidence, Elegance, Poise, Overall Aesthetic and Charisma



(20% Nationals, 25% State)

Contestants will have one-on-one conversations with each member of the judges panel.

          Evaluation Criteria: Articulation, Intelligence, Overall Aesthetic and Charisma



Contestants will model an outfit representative of their personal style.

          Evaluation Criteria: Confidence, Personality, Poise, Overall Aesthetic and Charisma



Contestants will model a swimsuit or active-wear outfit.


          Evaluation Criteria: Confidence, Fitness, Poise, Overall Aesthetic and Charisma​



Contestants will submit one professional headshot photo and one selfie.


          Evaluation Criteria: Quality, Facial Beauty, Consistency, Composite and Charisma

Community Service


Contestants will complete one community service project prior to the pageant.


          Evaluation Criteria: An automatic 5 points received with proof of completion

Social Media*


State titleholders will maintain an Instagram account dedicated to covering their reign and journey to the national competition.


Evaluation Criteria: Quality, Creativity, Representation of MAM System, Engagement and Charisma



State titleholders will submit one post about a topic of their choice to be featured on the national website’s blog.

Word Count: 

Jr. Pre-Teen/Pre-Teen – 50-100, Jr. Teen/Teen – 100-150, Jr. Miss/Miss – 150-200

Evaluation Criteria: Focus, Insight, Originality, Organization, Persuasiveness and Grammatical Accuracy


Topic Examples: My Role Model, My Ambition, My Favorite American, A Life-Changing Experience, Social Issues



  • Referral Points: State titleholders who refer 5 or more applicants to their state competitions will receive up to 5 points added to their score


  • People’s Choice: State titleholder who receives the most online votes prior to the national competition will receive 5 points added to their score


*competition areas that are part of the national pageant only